Welcome to my website

A few words about my professional experience

My professional experience in IT covers over 30 years. The most time I spent on people management and projects management as well as IT environment management.

I help people in dealing with stress (emotions) in their professional career and development (coaching and mentoring). Another part on my buisiness is managing projects at risk. Substantial amount of time I spend on suggesting solutions to business communication problems.

People who used to work with me improved their emotional intelligence. They do not afraid of stress, nor their emotions.

My degrees: M. Sci. in Physics (Physics Faculty of Warsaw University) and Ph. D. in medical biology (Warsaw Medical University). Working as a scientist I had second job – coder (languages: assembler, BASIC, PASCAL, Modula 2, FORTRAN, C, C++). Several years I worked as an instructor specializing in products of Novell  (Master CNE, Master CNI) and Microsoft (MCSE, MCT).


Over ten years I used to work as people manager in international corporations (Citibank and Microsoft). This includes work at regional Central and Eastern Europe level. I have been leading Microsupport Group applying ITIL’s approach (ITIL Service Manager certificate) as well as  Delivery Team, supporting my people as Project Manager (PMP certificate and Microsoft’ MSF Practitioner status).

I am Associate Certified Coach (ACC) certified by International Coach Federation (ICF) and Certified Coach CoachWise.

Hobbies: travel, film, personal development, cats, sport.