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A few words about my professional experience

My professional experience in IT covers over 30 years. The most time I spent on people management and projects management as well as IT environment management.

help people in dealing with stress (emotions) in their professional career and development (coaching and mentoring). Another part on my buisiness is managing projects at risk. Substantial amount of time I spend on suggesting solutions to business communication problems.

People who used to work with me improved their emotional intelligence. They do not afraid of stress, nor their emotions.

Krzysztof Skubis
Project phases

My degrees: M. Sci. in Physics (Physics Faculty of Warsaw University) and Ph. D. in medical biology (Warsaw Medical University). Working as a scientist I had second job – coder (languages: assembler, BASIC, PASCAL, Modula 2, FORTRAN, C, C++). Several years I worked as an instructor specializing in products of Novell  (Master CNE, Master CNI) and Microsoft (MCSE, MCT).

Over ten years I used to work as people manager in international corporations (Citibank and Microsoft). This includes work at regional Central and Eastern Europe level. I have been leading Microsupport Group applying ITIL’s approach (ITIL Service Manager certificate) as well as  Delivery Team, supporting my people as Project Manager (PMP certificate and Microsoft’ MSF Practitioner status).

Team work

I passed the exam for Associate Certified Coach (ACC) certified by International Coach Federation (ICF) and for Certified Coach CoachWise.

Hobbies: travel, film, personal development, cats, sport.