Effective communication and cooperation

Efektywna komunikacja
  • Do misunderstandings happen often at your workplace?
  • Would you prefer rather not to cooperate with some co-workers?
  • Have you sometimes the feeling that one was sad but something else was done?
  • Do you feel that some co-workers prefer to shine rather than work?

If answer to two (or more) of the above questions is Yes: you may want to turn for help of someone who touches such problems repeatedly, and knows how to deal with them.

I offer my assistance based on over a decade of experience at managerial positions. During that time I participated in many trainings related to management of employees, effective communication, mentoring, time management, etc. The knowledge gained there I utilized on my day-to-day work for international organizations. As a direct supervisor I was positively evaluated (top-box in an anonymous survey) by 91% of my people.

My experience proves that most of the problems occurring at work are caused by lack of effective communication, and only a small part has to do with a lack of technical skills or/and the right tools. Substantial percentage of the staff has problems with the appropriate use of soft skills

Efektywna komunikacja

Krzysztof is very professional in his coaching. He helped mi understand my strengths and weaknesses as well as to decide which areas to work on. Krzysztof in majority of cases showed me the path to the solution, to the knowledge – this way allowing me prepare for self-development – rather than providing direct answers. I value cooperation with Krzysztof especially due to his ability to build relationship, his commitment, business experience, high personal culture and ethics in professional and personal life.

When I was Microsoft employee Krzysztof was my formal mentor. His knowledge transfer was not strictly limited to work but covered more areas, for example psychology and sociology. This knowledge was so helpful that I used it at work as well as in my private life. Despite the fact that we do not work together for several years now, due to Krzysztof’s great knowledge and trainer’s skills I am still his mentee.

Efektywna komunikacja

I have met dozens of talented people whom I helped to discover both their highly developed social skills, as well as those that inhibited their professional development and career progression. In many cases thanks to my assistance they developed formely poorly mastered competence.

Mentoring large number of people not being my subordinates I discovered that this partnership provides many benefits and joys to both parties. With some people this relationship lasts for years.

My offer consist of team workshops and individual consulting in the fields of professional communication and collaboration, effective meetings, teamwork, effective manager and leader, crucial conversations, efffective presentations.

I especially value Krzysztof for his composure and complex overview of the problem discussed. Even extremely difficult case, after Krzysztof’s analysis become just case to manage. Rich business experience and highest communication skills make him exceptional business partner and mentor.

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Krzysztof is very professional in his coaching. He helped mi understand my strengths and weaknesses as well as to decide which areas ... read more

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