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This site is meant as general description of the services offered by my company: SKRIS. The idea is to give the visitor short overview of what I can offer. The services offered are based on my professional experience gained at work, used in practice, proved to be successful. Although using any approach was always preceded by training, it’s real value was tested in practice and some tools have been adopted but some dropped. Simply because some of them worked for me and some not.

Working for several years as a scientist I am used to critical evaluation of any idea and I apply in practice only those to which I am convinced and I can see that they are working for me.

The two areas on which I concentrate now, are: project management (focusing on saving projects at risk) plus mentoring (focusing on stress management, emotions and communication). The structure of the website reflects these areas.

To give you more insight in my skills I asked my Customers for feedback. You can read those opinions in Reviews window. There is a page About me providing my short CV, too.


In case you want to contact me, please use Contact page where you can find contact details as well as a simple form to send me a message. I will appreciate any question or comment regarding my offer as well as the website.

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