It is difficult to summarize the session with Mr Krzysztof. It’s a little bit like travel inside you. He enables us to see things which were not that obvious earlier. Very valuable and instructive experience. I will apply all the suggestions I got during our session, it is great starting point to work on myself. Thank you!

Anonymous opinion after first (gratis ) coaching session

Krzysztof is very professional in his coaching. He helped mi understand my strengths and weaknesses as well as to decide which areas to work on. Krzysztof in majority of cases showed me the path to the solution, to the knowledge – this way allowing me prepare for self-development – rather than providing direct answers. I value cooperation with Krzysztof especially due to his ability to build relationship, his commitment, business experience, high personal culture and ethics in professional and personal life.

Piotr Oracz

eComerce Director at

When I was Microsoft employee Krzysztof was my formal mentor. His knowledge transfer was not strictly limited to work but covered more areas, for example psychology and sociology. This knowledge was so helpful that I used it at work as well as in my private life. Despite the fact that we do not work together for several years now, due to Krzysztof’s great knowledge and trainer’s skills I am still his mentee.

Anonymous opinion

What was valuable for me in cooperation with Krzysztof as a coach was his experience, openness and above all ability to draw my attention to some aspects in area „I do not know that I do not know”. Notifying those improves your actions and goals achievements.

Tomasz Gajewski

Cooperation with Krzysztof enables you to believe in belief in your own abilities.

Manager of a company listed on the Polish Stock Exchange

Work with Krzysztof allowed me to achieve my goals, thanks to his experience and ability to find problems which were worth to deal with. During our sessions he helped mi find several solutions which I implemented in my professional life. Those meetings convinced me to cocaching, when next problems appear I will be glad to work on them with Krzysztof. I sincerely reccomend, I think that Krzysztof helps to find „shortcuts” to the goal.

Radosław Nowotniak

I had the pleasure to participate in coaching sessions for  K&K Media Solutions Management delivered by Krzysztof. His great experience and true willingness to help  led to reach interesting conclusions who you treat as your own. Surprisingly they exceeded the expected professional area. Krzysztof opened our eyes on what was obvious but still not noticed.

Jakub Reiter

Vice-President of the board of K&K Media Solutions

It is a pleasure to have been asked to write recommendation for Krzysztof Skubis: who was my Coach and Mentor from the beginning of my professional career as project manager. I was a very lucky person because after I was hired by Microsoft, just by accident Krzysztof was assigned as my „Mentor”. From day one to the last day in Microsoft we had a monthly meeting during we had a chance to discuss and evaluate different approaches of leading projects as well as different way of dealing with people / team member problems. He is also a watchful observer while he spots lack of competences in the project management discipline in our department he immediately organize a workshop with world best guru in this area.

After five years I can say about myself that I?m very efficient project manager and I can definitely say that one of the most important, fundamental brick in my evolution was added by Krzysztof.

I strongly suggest Krzysztof Skubis as a coach not only for beginners but moreover for those who are acting as PjM for a long time. With Krzysztof you would be able to learn how to make this better, faster and become reliable partner and team member.

Grzegorz Chuchra

Project Manager / President of Predica

Grzegorz Chuchra

I am strategic advisor in time management and productivity area working for corporate and big enterprises managers. If I was asked to point at people who significantly contributed to my professional development, Krzysztof Skubis nearly automatically comes to my mind. Our cooperation started at Microsoft, where Krzysztof supported my development in project management and solving situations with customer in project team. Till today conversations with Krzysztof and his point of view add a lot to my development and improve project „Ogarnij Chaos” („Grasp the Chaos”). I especially value Krzysztof for his composure and complex overview of the problem discussed. Even extremely difficult case, after Krzysztof’s analysis become just case to manage. Rich business experience and highest communication skills make him exceptional business partner and mentor. I can recommend in good conscience Krzysztof Skubis’ services to all professionals looking for consultant – practitioner who will become their partner in long term development.

Marcin Kwieciński

Productivity consultant, author of the project "Ogarnij Chaos" ("Bring Order out of Chaos")

I had a pleasure to work with Mr. Krzysztof  in coaching process for half a year. During this time we worked out three topics: delegation, resistance and emotions. What suprised me the most was the knowledge about myself. Work with Mr. Krzysztof opened my eyes on certain aspects, to which I did not put attention so far, but which had/have big influence on the quality of my job. Mr. Krzysztof is excellent professional  – with big experience, always valuable pieces of advice. To be honest there were no situation for which Mr. Krzysztof could not have had soultion ready. What he says is realy worth application. The most valuable for me was proper division between my skills and weaknesses. I learnt that what everyone sees as negative in reality can be positive. However, to achieve that it is worth to apply Mr. Krzysztof 's tips. I would higlyl recommend to everyone who is willing to develop and work on himself or herself!

Karol Roguski

Project Manager

Arteria S.A.

Top advisor, full trust, extremely knowledgeable and reliable partner. I was working with Krzysztof 5 years, incl. the time when Krzysztof was my direct manager. Krzysztof proved himself to be very successful consultant as well as people manager. Always helpfull and a step ahead. Pleased to stay in touch as a coachee.

Artur Malinowski

Solution Architect at Malcan

I used to have caoching sessions with Krzysztof in the form of barter services. Every session with Krzysztof (me as a customer) is great curiosity. Every session with Krzysztof brings for me new discoveries about myself. I value work with Krzysztof for preofessionalism, persistence, goal driving, direct communication, with accurate summaries, a liitle bit „sharp tongue” which I sometimes need. This motivates as well as amuses me, making session time interesting and fruitful. I value work with Krzysztof for his mentoring elements. Everybody has his own working style and this is how I see Krzysztof’s style.  Thanks for this.

Aldona Wierzba

The necessary element of every life aspect, whether personal or professional is a project. Even buying 'just a bulb’ proves to be a project which should be well planned not to waste time when going shopping.

When talking about project immediately I refer to Krzysztof Skubis whom I had a pleasure to meet recently during workshop for workers of bureau of Polish Chess Federation. I recall a lot of information and details (including didactic story about elephant consumption) helping to see some endeavors, at first glance impossible to achieve, in completely different light.

Krzysztof Skubis is a professional teacher demanding from his interlocutor both discipline and creativity. Thanks to him and his pieces of advice I feel now equipped in practical tools which help me to achieve success in work and personal life.

To those who habitually 'fight fire’ and cannot deliver their projects on time I, in good conscience , recommend professional help of Krzysztof, who will teach you as well that sometimes you should give up on some high risk projects.

Piotr Murdzia

General Secretary and  Chief of Training of Polish Chess Federation,

several times world and Europe champion in chess solving