Saving projects

Are the projects in your company having delays?

Ratowanie projektów
  • Do they exceed the planned budget?
  • Do they often provide only limited functionality comparing to the planned one?
  • Does it happen that the project is completed but the customer unsatisfied?
  • Is the project team often feeling frustrated and/or underrated?

If  the answer to two (or more) of the above mentioned questions is Yes: you may want to reach for help of the person with experience in saving endangered projects?

I offer help based on over twenty years’ experience in IT area. At that time, I managed or assisted projects of varying scale and complexity, both for the large Polish institutions and international corporations. Among the projects those with the budget of over PLN 10,000,000 with several subcontractor companies at the same time, including teams exceeding 150 people. Depending on the situation I use different project management methodologies. For ten years I have status MSF (Microsoft Solution Framework) Practitioner. Since 2004 I hold PMP (Project Management Professional) certificate. I study PRINCE2 and SCRUM.

Ratowanie projektów

When talking about project immediately I refer to Krzysztof Skubis whom I had a pleasure to meet recently during workshop for workers of bureau of Polish Chess Federation. I recall a lot of information and details (including didactic story about elephant consumption) helping to see some endeavors, at first glance impossible to achieve, in completely different light. Krzysztof Skubis is a professional teacher demanding from his interlocutor both discipline and creativity. Thanks to him and his pieces of advice I feel now equipped in practical tools which help me to achieve success in work and personal life.

I was a very lucky person because after I was hired by Microsoft, just by accident Krzysztof was assigned as my 'Mentor’. From day one to the last day in Microsoft we had a monthly meeting during we had a chance to discuss and evaluate different approaches of leading projects as well as different way of dealing with people / team member problems. After five years I can say about myself that I am very efficient project manager and I can definitely say that one of the most important, fundamental brick in my evolution was added by Krzysztof.

Ratowanie projektów

I understand the challenges associated with the management of project’s products. For several years I have been responsible for the maintenance of desktops and servers for large financial institution. Since 2007, I have ITIL Service Manager certificate.

My experience in the knowledge transfer covers several years working as a trainer: Novell Master CNI and Microsoft MCT (Microsoft Certified Trainer). I am successful in the individual assistance (coaching) and long-term counseling (mentoring) of team members and other people.

I work with business professionals in both Polish and English.

I had the pleasure to participate in coaching sessions for  K&K Media Solutions Management delivered by Krzysztof. His great experience and true willingness to help  led to reach interesting conclusions who you treat as your own. Surprisingly they exceeded the expected professional area. Krzysztof opened our eyes on what was obvious but still not noticed.

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I had the pleasure to participate in coaching sessions for  K&K Media Solutions Management delivered by Krzysztof. His great experience and true willingness ... read more

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